This blog collects thoughts, images, social customs and issues that impact the lives of girls and women and of others who love and support them.

Mack is a professor emerita at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she built a long career in the Departments of Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction and Education Studies. She specialized in the content and issues pertinent to youth at risk and challenges facing youth in today’s culture. She has published books, articles and video programs and served in leadership positions in national and state professional organizations serving the needs of teachers and youth in middle and secondary settings. She centered the last decade of university career on research pertaining to girls and women’s education and life issues.

About Maureen

Mack was born in Ashland, Wisconsin and lived her early school years in Mellen, Wisconsin. Following the death of her mother, she moved to suburban Milwaukee, St. Francis, at the age of nine. She completed high school at St. Francis High School where she was active in school leadership, theatre, cheerleading and wrote for a student publication. She often acknowledges that she is still angry at not being able to play competitive sports as Title IX was not yet passed. Her university education includes an undergraduate degree in English secondary education and masters of education degree in special education completed at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She completed a doctorate at the University of Illinois in special education and educational administration.

Maureen has two grown adult children: Rebecca and Bradley. She has five grandchildren: Lauren, Hannah, Jack, Leo and Billy.

Mack considers Madeline Island in Lake Superior as her spiritual home.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Let me first say you have the most beautiful first name (also my daughter’s name.)
    We visited the Madeline Island museum 2 days ago. I was so thrilled to read about Pat Gary ( as a former library director, I found this very interesting.)
    I am so happy to learn you have written this book. I will certainly try to get up there again to meet you. Thank you for all your great historical work.
    It’s a total fluke ( or maybe NOT) that I was up there at just the time that the Women of Madeline Island were highlighted at the museum! Truely, it is a small world.
    Thank you again,
    ~ Carol Hill, rural Knox County, Missouri, ~ 13 hour drive from my door to Madeline Island

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