Why the Interest in the Status of Girls and Women by the Republican Party?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why the Interest in the Status of Girls and Women by the Republican Party?

What is very apparent to me is the goal behind the anti-woman agenda in this country. Women are now the majority of college students and college graduates across the country. The more you educate a woman, the fewer children they have. College educated women pursue and attain jobs and positions once held by men only: and many men got the jobs they had and retained those jobs even when they performed mediocre because of the belief among many men that it is the natural right of a man to work.

Women historically, those educated and those not, support public schools and the value of providing the best and the most education for their children as possible. It is rare to find a mother who believes that a good education is not a highly held value of hers. The Republican agenda/Koch brothers etc. want a cheap and needy supply of workers to work their hotels, factories etc.; workers who they won’t offer benefits to, won’t provide health insurance or retirement. Their goal is see the best jobs going to men, whether these men are educated or not. The R agenda is to push women back inside the house, with no money of their own and barriers to birth control to increase the probability of producing more and more children to needier and needier women to be governed by a chauvinistic agenda that was the rule not the exception in this country and all over the world prior to 1960’s and beyond. After all, the R/Corporate agenda absolutely needs to insure that there are plenty of young 16 and over poorly educated and needy workers to make their greedy agenda work. They do not give one second of serious thought to the issues of women’s’ rights, health care for children and the elderly other than how they can make the most money and rob the American tax payer by billing them for unearned work (see last weeks 60 Minutes Show on the fraud of corporate for profit hospitals all across this country including the one where you live). The goal of the Republican party and US Corporations is to make the United States more similar to Mexico, Vietnam and China with respect to the power and greed of the very few at the expense of pain, quality education and freedom of girls and women.


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