The Rise of a New Life

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold air with glimpses of sun greet me this January morning. The house quietly rests and waits for its mistress to set the course for the day.

I am growing slowly in contentment with my decision to retire from my full time university professorship. While I maintain confident in my conviction to open up more space for my own pursuits with more leisure, the structure of my day to day life is slow to emerge. What to do! I find that I am falling back on the routines and pleasures of reading, of housekeeping and of writing.

I wake whenever I wish with no worries of having to get quickly back to sleep. I read when I want, watch Netflix movies on-line in my bed at the strike of a computer key and bring a tray upstairs to my bedroom from the kitchen with hot green-mint tea and toast when the sun is hours away from making an appearance. I love the quietness, the softness and the comfort of this well ordered life protected by Badger House.

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