Sunday, November 1, 2009

Popular mantra is the chant that we should not judge one another. However, judgment is a necessary part of leadership, of standing for those who need protection and support: children, the sick, and the most fragile among us.

Women particularly have trouble drawing a conclusion without back sliding given the smallest of challenge. Is it because as women we have been conditioned to rely on others judgment? Women before us have given their lives, their blood, and sacrificed much so that women would have legal voice as well as many of the rights to collect assets for their own lives and to make judgments for themselves.

Yet, when pushed, women often vacillate, apologize, back down. Where does such backsliding get a woman when she does that? Most likely, where it got women before the Iron Clad ladies of change–allowing others to judge for us and to be the deciders of who we are and how we want to live our lives.

Finally, some things will never change for women. If we choose to bring children into this world, we must stand beside them and mother them until they grow into maturity and are strong enough to face the world on their own. Harsh judgments will continue to be made against mothers who walk away from their obligation to be the centerpiece of their children’s lives.

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