Edith’s Challenge Not Unlike Many

Monday, February 10, 2014


I am tired of watching Edith of Downton Abbey ruin her life by one careless move after another. Edith will continue to struggle until she learns to live out her own quest plot. She needs to find some event to transform her life from waiting to be found by a man who will take care of her to doing something unconventional and new whether that is building homeless shelters, leading advocacy activities that push women’s rights, or obtaining a university education. It is not the nature of the event but the focus on performing, doing, challenging, dreaming or concocting her own “eccentric” story which is important. Edith’s life would change immediately if she molded relationships with exemplary women who use their life energy to make the world a better place. She has spent too much time sulking, crying, whining, and wasting time being a willing victim. She needs to do whatever it takes, no matter how unpleasant, to promote growth in herself. She needs to expect much more of herself and the gifts she already possesses. If I could sit across from Edith and share a cup of tea or a strong glass of Jamison whiskey, I would tell her it is time for her to live an authentic life, to build her own life purpose and to hold herself accountable. I would encourage her to see that it is she and she alone that has both the right and responsibility to build a whole life. For Edith, and for many girls and women, that means leaving boys and men alone until they learn to rely on themselves. Until they learn to do the hard thing, they can expect more of the same: being used by others.

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