Baby Boomers Still In Touch with Love

Friday, January 14, 2011

Recently I have been reading about how the “boomers” are steadfast in their insistence on breaking the barriers and stereotypes associated with their age. It was expected that when they were in their twenties, they should work, save money and find a mate. Instead, they grew flower power mentality, painted their clothes and practiced free love. It did not hurt that the birth control pill also made its debut at the same time.

In spite of a shaky start, they became the best educated generation to date, settled down and raised smaller families than their parents. The women put one tiny step ahead of another to forge career paths, created a glass ceiling and then eventually chiseled cracks if not major holes in it.

So now in their sixties, some still married but well over half divorced once or twice, the Boomers again turn their attention to love. With technology skills as refined as the children they raised, they burn up the pages of face book and match while juggling their smart phones equipped with applications galore to keep them updated and continuously in touch.

They still write poetry, sing with Dylan, Elvis and the Beetles, and play out the rituals of dating and mating with all the audacity, pain and tears they did when they were young. They hum quietly to themselves in the middle of the night after yet another stumble at love or scream out loud while burning up a dance floor with the familiar words of an era yet to go by: “Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed. Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile”. You’ve got to love those boomers if for nothing else, for their insistence at working at getting love right, again and again.

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