Are You Safe Inside Your House or Business

Monday, July 23, 2012

Last week I wrote about my frightening experience of getting locked inside a small bathroom in my home. Once I managed to find my way out, I had a locksmith come over a few days later. I had described what had happened to the appointment person at the business so the locksmith knew what had happened when he walked into my house. His first request of me was to show him how I managed to get out. He said while there were a number of ways one could get out, all required some kind of tool- a big hammer, drill etc. He did say I made the right choice to focus on the lock mechanism and the door knob plate with the manicure tools rather than using those “tools” on the door hinges as I would have probably ruined the only tools I did have on a strategy that would have not worked with manicure instruments.
Here are the other recommendations he made based upon what happened to me:
1. Remove all locks on internal doors in your home. They cause problems and some are life-threatening. Privacy can be obtained by closing the door. If a child or an adult gets locked inside and they have a health crisis or are too young to tool themselves out, the consequences have been and can be dire.

2. Use a professional to select and install lock devices in your home; both internal locks (if you still go this route) and others. One should view the door not as a simple door knob installation but security. He noted that antique looking glass door knobs had been upgraded on my door. He said they were cheap and the large bolt mechanism holding the door knobs together was stripped badly. Most do-it-yourselfers make the wrong decisions when selecting and installing door knobs and locks.

3. Have a lock pick kit in every room that does have an internally locked door. He asked me to go purchase one while he was working on all my internal locks. I shared the two kits I had purchased and he noted that the lock picks look a lot like my manicure tools except one had a small hook on it and the instruments were sturdier than manicure instruments. While I no longer have lock mechanisms on any of my doors inside of the house, I have one of these kits in each bathroom in the event of other issues arise with the door knobs.

This locksmith spent a lot of time sizing up my survival strategies and teaching me better methods to create privacy inside my home without sacrificing privacy. He upgraded and repaired another faulty door lock mechanism on an original internal door that leads to my front entry way.

His bill for all of this: $125.00. My security and life is worth at least that.

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